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"In my brief encounter with Kandie Girls, they showed concern, diligence and professionalism, which these days is a welcome breath of fresh air."

Charlie O.

Marketing Director

Alee Munster

Bee Barajas

Diana Sparks


Killa Queen Honey

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Kandie Girls is an American model agency that deals in fashion and commercial modelling, which provides a superior service to its clients. We have an undeniable dedication to finding the next new faces along with a strong repertoire of both models and clients, which has enabled us to set standards that other model agencies strive to achieve.

Performing with professionalism and reliability, and rapidly becoming the leading commercial modelling agency in Southern California, Kandie Girls prides itself on a reputation based on results. Our involvement in the world of advertising, editorial, commercial, online and TV modelling helps us to maintain an in-depth knowledge of the current market trends and public opinion.

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